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Freesoftware for the people

Logiciel libre et grand public

Freesoftware for the business

Le Libre en entreprise



Community / Contributions

Communauté / Contributions

Internet of things/business/home/city

Entreprise/maison/ville/Chose connectées

Innovation & Digital transition

Innovation et Transition numérique

Gaming on Ubuntu

Jouer sous Ubuntu

Freesoftware & institution / Politics

LL et institutions / Politique





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Keynote: Let's Talk about the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Roadmap!

Howdy! My name is Dustin Kirkland. I've been an active Ubuntu MOTU and Core Developer since 2008, and I'm now the VP of Product at Canonical, leading the strategy and roadmap of Ubuntu. In this keynote, I will discuss:

(1) The results of the recent "Desktop default apps survey". We received thousands of responses. I will show, for the first time, the results in graphs, of that survey.

(2) Advances in the Ubuntu Server, including Kubernetes, OpenStack, and a not-yet-announced new...

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Snapcraft - Auto-build and publish software for any Linux system or device

In this talk, Alan will cover the problems Snapcraft solves, how to get started with snaps, and how to get your software out to millions of users in minutes.

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Concert Kickban : Rock & Geek.

/kickban est une commande IRC. KICKBAN (notez la différence d'orthographe) est un groupe de rock geek, qui parle d'amour et d'uptime sur de gros accords et de jolies mélodies.

Concert en accès libre !
Au Génie d'Alex, Culée droite du Pont Alexandre III, Port des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris

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