by Robie Basak
from Canonical

Robie has been working for Canonical as a software engineer on the Server Team since 2011. As a full time Ubuntu Core Developer, he is involved in all aspects of the development of Ubuntu itself.

Robie has two further Ubuntu-specific hats:

As a member of the Stable Release Updates (SRU) team, he is delegated the task of reviewing, deciding upon and releasing appropriate updates to the stable releases of Ubuntu. This is the equivalent of being a "stable release manager" in other software projects.

As a member of the Developer Membership Board (DMB), he reviews and votes upon applications from contributors to be able to upload directly to the project. This is the equivalent of "granting commit access" in other software projects.

Submitting code changes to Ubuntu itself can be a daunting proposition. How do you work these arcane tools? From where do you download the sources? How do you test your proposed changes? How do you massage your changes into a form that Ubuntu developers expect? Will they accept it, or did you make some obscure mistake in your use of some of the tooling involved?

As git has now largely won the "VCS wars", most developers know how to use it. For those that don't, help with git is on the whole more readily available from peers and the Internet than other systems now. It makes sense for Ubuntu to switch to the "clone and pull request" model for code contributions.

Join me to learn more about our efforts on bringing git to Ubuntu development. I will cover: cloning a source package from Ubuntu's git repositories, exploring the imported history of a package including the various imported branches, the use of our tooling to automatically verify that the changes are acceptable and submitting your proposed changes.

This talk and demonstration will be somewhat technical and probably most useful for developers, but coding experience will not be required to understand it: I'll be talking about the process around managing code, rather than the code itself.

2017 September 9 15:00
1 h
104 - Agora
Ubuntu Convention Europe
Community / Contributions