by Max Kristen

Well, I guess I like free software, and completing tasks, the website asked me to do :D

This talk will present 6 ways to liberate your Android phone and teach you how to get as much free software as possible on your device.
The described paths will be ranked by complexity and most of them will feature a real world example.
There will be an evaluation of the pros and cons of every solution, as well as an reality check on how much they are suited for the use of "normal" consumers.
Also this will give you a brief overview of some interesting free-software projects for android.
In detail, I want to talk about different ROMs, OTA-Zips and other software people can put on their Android-capable devices, and also how they can defy the problems that arise from removing the Google Play Store or other Google Play Services.
Then there will be a brief trip into signature spoofing, to fool some apps into thinking there are Play Services installed, when they are actually not.
And in the end I will present a way to do this on a normal LineageOS device and still get updates and security patches.
Every solution will also be analyzed, in ways of battery performance, security and usability.

2017 September 8 17:00
30 min
104 - Agora
Ubuntu Convention Europe
Freesoftware for the people