Here I will continue my talk from last years UbuCon Europe. but this time I will go over making Ubuntu work best for the new default desktop for Ubuntu. Ubuntu Gnome.

My talk will start off with an overview showing what Gnome desktop is, the features it has, and how it is different from Unity.

Next, I will begin to show the user what options they have to make sure they can have customized their next Ubuntu Gnome desktop. I will go over every main gnome shell customization application available for use. ( a great example is the (Gnome-Tweek tool).

I will then talk about Gnome Extensions that can be added. Here the Gnome community has ways we can make your desktop look awesome.

I will next talk about writing custom scripts that can be used to add features to your desktop such as adding custom terminal application to launch from the desktop, as well as Nautilus.

In addition, I am hoping to have some audience feedback on ways they make their desktop experience work best for them.

If the audience looks to be more technical, I am going to go over things like D-Bus and SystemD where we can make sure the lower level customizations work best for each person.

2017 September 10 15:00
30 min
102 - Atelier
Ubuntu Convention Europe